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What’s Your Couple’s Sleep Style?

Posted on August 16, 2016 by Anonymous

Let’s start with a disclaimer: This post is just for fun. The sleeping positions for couples are all different, and they don’t have to mean much other than maybe one of you has a sore hip and your partner dozed off reading their book.Like horoscopes, interpreting your sleep body language can be fun! And if you are inclined to read into these things, since your subconscious mind controls your sleep position, perhaps sometimes you can read something into your favourite sleep positions with your partner!

The Little Spoon

Couple Spooning

Are you the little spoon at nighttime? Your sleep partner holding you in a close hug around your back reads as a protective sleep position and one that indicates you trust your partner. Then again, it could also indicate that it’s just cold outside the confines of your duvet!

The Far Away Spoon

Some couples drift off into a spooning configuration but separate a few inches or more over the course of the night. A couple that reverts to this more distant spooning arrangement still feels close and protective of each other but doesn’t cling to the need for a tight hug all night long. This position is common for couples who have been together a long time and have the implicit trust to separate while they slumber. It’s also understandably more common when the barometer rises!

The Chest Rest

Couple Sleeping

Do you tend to fall asleep on your partner’s chest with his arm around you? This couple’s sleep position can be a lovely one, assuming your partner’s underarms are fresh, of course. Curling up next to a loved one indicates vulnerability while laying on your back with your arm around a loved one indicates confidence and self-assuredness. The combination can be quite a very soothing way to doze off in a trusting and loving relationship. Unlike in romantic comedies, few couples actually wake up in this position, unless, of course, your partner doesn’t require circulation to both his arms!

The Back-to-Back

Couple Sleeping back-to-back

Many couples spend the night not touching at all, possibly facing away from each other. While this couple’s sleep position may be a red flag for trouble in the relationship for die-hard spooners, it is actually a very healthy way to sleep. There are many healthy reasons for keeping separate quarters at bedtime. You may be very independent people, or in a trusting relationship for many years. He could be avoiding your restless legs, and you avoiding his sharp toenails! Maybe you absolutely hate your partner’s sleep number. Or it could be way too hot for bedtime snuggles. Or you could not be touching because of a child or pet sprawled like a starfish between you!

However you sleep with your partner, we hope it’s exactly the position that helps you both sleep soundly at night and without too much interruption. Whatever sleep positions help you get well rested are great, because they lead to a happier life with your partner in the morning!

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